Window Blinds

Invented in the 1960s, windows blinds have been quite useful and are commonly used in many homes or offices. They help use turn a room full of sun shine into a dark theater to watch movies, prevent strangers to see private affairs, or just be installed to be a simple decorative piece.

ImageWhen I was younger, window blinds often confused me because I didn’t know how to use the strings to pull up or down the blinds. Only after seeing my parents or someone else using blinds properly, I was able to know how to use the window blinds. Strings are signifiers for the user to communicate to pull down the strings to pull up the blinds. However, there is no signifier to communicate to the user that they need to hold the string one side in order to keep the blinds to one height. The hanging pole that the user twists to open and close the blinds provides a great feedback; yet, the pole isn’t really a good signifier in communicating to twist. However, the top flaw in my opinion is having one string controlling one side of the blinds. I feel like the user has no use in only controlling one side or the other of the blinds. It provides many problems in keeping both sides even when pulling up or dropping down the blinds.

My solution is to just have one string that can control the blinds going up or down. This way the user won’t have issues in keeping the blinds even.


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