Keurig Coffee Maker

ImageThe Keurig coffee maker is nice little machine that can make a great tasting cup of joe or for just heating up water to make hot chocolate. Either way you use it the design of this machine is very nice. Using signifiers, mental models, and knowledge in the head helps with great usability.


There are several signifiers that the Keurig has that helps signify actions and operations. The icons on each button helps to communicate what function that each button does. They actually look like buttons that you can push since they stick out. Holes help to signify where to place your cup so the coffee flows down into it. Also, lights turn on to tell what function is happening or what the user should do.

Mental Models

Going along with icons of the buttons. ImageThe power button has an icon that many people know that it means power on or off. However, the Keurig breaks some mental models in not having to put in a filter paper. In my mind this is a positive since it would be another time wasting step in coffee making and fixes the legacy problem in having a paper filter.

Knowledge in the Head

When first using the Keurig, it might take a little awhile to operate it. However, users will see that they can quickly learn how to use this machine with many mental models and signifiers. This is obvious by the icons on each button and lights turning on.

Overall, the Keurig in my mind is well designed for easy use, while producing a great cup of coffee. My family hasn’t experienced any problems when using it and find it easier to operate compared to their older coffee maker.


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