A Cultural Constraint and the Definition of Awkward

While being on a short break during my Thursday night class, I ventured off to the bathroom like most people would during a break. However, when I went into the bathroom on the 3rd floor in Humanities I got reminded why I should only go to the when no one else is going. I was one of several others in the bathroom and there was only one toilet and one urinal. All of us were standing and left at seeing this…


In our culture a urinal next to a faucet results in the urinal unused if someone is using the faucet next to it. In this case it also results in a cultural constraint. Most males in our current society have knowledge in their heads to just wait for the toilet to open for use instead of facing the awkwardness of openly going the bathroom next to someone washing their hands. Not only is this an example cultural constraint and how knowledge in our head is used, but also flawed because it can result in unsanitary conditions since the urinal is so close to the faucet where people are washing their hands. 

My bathroom experience also reminded me of how American athletes took pictures of the hotel bathrooms at Sochi. It seems our cultural and society has a difference when it comes to cultural constraints. Since some of the bathrooms are designed like this…Image

So it might be common for residents to go to the bathroom openly next to each other. Their culture made it more of a norm rather than a constraint in society. When it comes the 3rd floor men’s bathroom, one of my solutions would be to build a small separator wall so that way people won’t feel the need to avoid the urinal and it will less sanitary. Another solution possibly move either the urinal or faucet; however, since both those options would be expensive, putting in a separator would be less expensive and easier to do.


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