Food Saver Flaws

Many may remember the famous Food Saver that came out less than a decade ago. This invention helped people keep their food fresh and prevent foods from decay or getting bad. Yet from looking at the buttons, switches, and design I can see some flaws and lack of usability.

food saver flawsThe fact that they instruct the user to open the food saver and read the instructions inside is flawed. A user shouldn’t have to read instructions when using an object or device. This means a change in design is needed. When using the device you shouldn’t need to push a button just to open the food saver. Once it is done vacuuming the package it should allow the user to lift open the Food Saver to get the bag out.

Also a signifier is needed to communicate to the user that this object has the accordance to be pressed down to begin the vacuuming and sealing process. Also the switch for sealing time is confusing because the user operates be pressing down on the vacuum out the top of the bag and then sealing it. So what is the difference between 1 and 2? Would it be that the thickness of the food determines the number I choose? Obviously I would need to read additional instructions to know.


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